Sunday, March 4, 2007

Vargas Making Strong Pitch To Be A Starter

Mark Hale of The New York Post writes that Jason Vargas is making a strong pitch to be the no. 5 starter.

Acquired in a trade with the Marlins this offseason, Vargas tossed two scoreless frames against the Dodgers yesterday in the Mets' 5-2 loss.

...true, but if the Mets would want a young arm for the rotatiom they would either pick Mike Pelfrey or Phil Humber.

Reyes To Make Run For MVP

According to Adam Rubin of The Daily News, Jose Reyes is ready to make a run for the MVP, even though he bats leadoff.

And according to Carlos Beltran, Reyes is very valuable. " "I tell him, when he doesn't get on base, we don't win," Carlos Beltran says. "That's how valuable he is. When he gets on base, even if he gets a walk, he has the potential to be on third with less than two out. That's important. The guy behind him can get a ground ball or a fly ball and get him in. He changes the game."

Writes Rubin: According to Cardinals manager Tony La Russa: "Don't count out Jose Reyes stealing the award in the not-too-distant future, despite a power infatuation that sometimes shortchanges leadoff men."

Padilla Throws Batting Practice

According to, Juan Padilla threw batting practice on Saturday for the second time this spring. He began optimistically and emerged from his 45-pitch workday quite encouraged. The next step for Padilla, recovering from Tommy John surgery, is to pitch in a game, perhaps on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Pelfrey Good Enough For Majors

Pat Borzi of The New York Times, writes that Paul Lo Duca thinks that Mike Pelfrey has what it takes to be a starter in the majors. "He’s got as good stuff as I’ve ever caught," said Lo Duca, "he can get ground balls, but he can also put you away.”

Billy Wagner
said he thinks that Pelfrey looks more at ease now than he did when the Mets first brought him up last July. Pelfrey won his first two starts, but was sent down after a loss and a no-decision.

...pelfrey is just as good as the Yankees's Phil Hughes and Cincy's Homar Bailey. He just doesn't get as much hype.

Dodgers 5, Mets 2

In an exhibition game yesterday the Dodgers beat the Mets, 5-2.

Mike Pelfrey
pitched the first two innings without allowing a run, Jason Vargas relieved him and also pitched 2 scoreless frames. Then Billy Wagner came on and allowed one in his lone inning of work. Aaron Heilman threw two scoreless innings. Then, Jon Adkins allowed four runs in the ninth.

Endy Chavez had 2 hits. Jose Reyes hit a home run in the sixth, off of Eric Stults. In the seventh, a David Newhan sacrafice fly gave the Mets their second run.

...pelfrey looked really good. I hope he gets the no. 5 spot in the rotation.

...adkins looked horrible. Every pitched he threw was smacked. But I still think he can be a very solid reliever.

chavez and Shawn Green each had sparkling diving catches.

...another homer for Reyes, wow!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Park Has Visa Problems

Because his work visa has not arrived, Chan Ho Park cannot pitch anyplace in the United States where an admission is charged. But he may practice and train with the team. The Mets applied for the visa on Park’s behalf after they signed him Feb. 9 and expected to have it by now.

Mets Hope Park Will Become Fan Favorite

According to the New York Times's Pat Borzi, the Mets are hoping that Chan Ho Park can become a pitcher that fans will come to the park to see.

...dumbest thing I have heard. The Mets signed Park thinking that he can be a stop-gap until phenoms Mike Pelfrey and Phillip Humber are ready for the majors, and there thinking hasn't changed.

Pedro Has Resumed Baseball Activities

According to Newsday, Pedro Martinez was allowed to finally pick up a baseball and begin playing catch, and Duaner Sanchez still has a chance of being ready by Opening Day after getting a thumbs-up from Dr. David Altchek.

...stop talking about Sanchez. If he will be ready by Opening Day or not, isn't gonna kill the Mets, but if Pedro can come back 2 starts early, now that is 2 wins for the rotation depleted Mets.

Cardinals To Celebrate vs. Mets

According to the Cardinals will raise its World Series banner on opening day against the Mets, and then they will hand out World Series rings prior to the next game, again against the Mets.

...that's flat out mean. I hope that the Mets get revenge and beat the crap out of them (on both days).

Valentin Hopes To Return Over Weekend

While talking with WFAN radio two days ago, Jose Valentin said he will test his sore ankle tomorrow and hopes to return to the lineup over the weekend.

...sorry, i forgot to post Valentin's injury before.

Joe Smith Isn't Just An Average Joe

Kevin Kernan of The New York Post writes that Joe Smith is one special sidewinder.

Here is a key stat that Kernan quotes bullpen coach Guy Conti saying: "Major league hitters hit .190 at the bottom of the strike zone. That's why we want to keep that ball where they have the most trouble with it. We have a better chance of getting them out."

...i knew going into spring training that Smith was going to open up eyes. But the performance he has put on so far is just flat outta the world. I mean how many rightie relievers throw sidearm, with a low 90's fastball and a nasty slider? Answer: 0.

...strenghts: Smith is unique because he throws much harder than typical sidearmers, and his 89-91 mph fastball has sinking, fading action. It tops out at 94. He stays on top of an 81-83 mph, two-plane slider that destroys righthanders.

...weaknesses: The key to Smith reaching his ceiling is his changeup. He never needed it in college, but he does in pro ball to keep advanced lefthanders honest.

B Game: Mets 6, Cardinals 5

Yesterday in a B exhibition game, the Mets beat the Cardinals, 6-5.

Aaron Sele
started the game for the Mets and allowed 1 run in 2 innings. Last years No.1 draft pick Kevin Mulvey releived him and allowed 4 runs in his 2 innings, but struck out Albert Pujols. Willie Collazo, Adam Bostick, Joe Smith, Scott Schoeneweis and Lino Urdaneta all pitched scoreless innings.

David Newhan had two hits and drove in three runs to lead thee Mets, while Endy Chavez and Carlos Gomez each had an RBI.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Mets Come To Terms With 14 Players

According to, the Mets agreed to terms with Jon Adkins, Ambiorix Burgos, Marcos Carvajal, John Maine, Juan Padilla, Alay Soler, Adam Bostick, Pedro Feliciano, Jason Vargas, Anderson Hernandez, CarlPublishos Gomez, Ben Johnson and Lastings Milledge.

Also, the Mets have renewed the contract of Aaron Heilman.

...unless the Mets promise to give Heilman a spot in the rotation, the second he becomes a free agent he will go to a team that promises to give him a turn in the rotation (The A's). But Heilman can only becomes a free agent after the 2010 season, so thats a long time to go.